You Know You’re a Stay At Home Mum When

You Know You're A Stay At Home Mum When...
You Know You’re A Stay At Home Mum When…

Your life does a complete 180 when you become a mum, one minute you’re in an office job doing your 9-5 and the next minute you’re watching Mr Tumble in your pajamas. It’s a completely different world and even though I wouldn’t change it, I just have to write about how much of a life changing experience it really is. So please enjoy my list of “You Know You’re A Stay At Home Mum When”, I’m sure you can relate to a lot of them!  

You’re stressed by 8am

Often by 8am, my blood pressure has risen dramatically, my eyeballs are about to burst out of my head and I have attempted to start six different tasks and haven’t been able to complete one because my daughter wants to be held. In this instance I try and get out the house ASAP to get some fresh air and so I can forget about the state my house is in.

You’re jealous of your friends 9-5 jobs

They’re in work at 9am and they leave all of their worries at the door by 5pm. It seems like another world now when I think about it, its mad how much your life changes when you become a full time mum.

You know the time of day based on what programme is on Cbeebies

We don’t need a clock in our house as long as Cbeebies is on, Swashbuckle? 3.30pm, Octonaughts? 8am, Justins house? 8.30am. I could go on…

You Know You’re A Stay At Home Mum When…

You wear the same outfit three days running

If its a stain that can be wiped off with a cloth and it doesn’t smell then why not keep wearing it?!

By 7pm you feel like you’ve done a fourteen hour shift in a busy department store at Christmas time where a customer has made a complaint every five minutes.

Your feet hurt, your head hurts, you’re exhausted and you’re eyes are as bloodshot as a heroin addict. Being a mother means that you are a teacher, cleaner, chef, driver, counsellor and nurse all rolled into one so basically you are actually doing six full time jobs in just one day.

You know the postman and DPD man by name

You’ve become best mates with every delivery guy there is and you know each other by name because you not only sign for your own parcels and letters but your neighbours also!

You Know You’re A Stay At Home Mum When…

You know the theme tune to every Cbeebies programme off by heart

I sing the Mr Tumble theme tune more than any other song in the world, as well as Peter Rabbit and Go Jetters. Why are they so catchy though!? Ijust feel like I should buy a Cbeebies compilation disc and be done with it.

Making is an effort is not putting your hair in a ponytail

You’re ‘go to’ style now is a bun or a ponytail, having your hair down is too much hard work when you have young children. It’s hard to make the time to wash and blowdry your hair therefore keeping it up and topping it up with dry shampoo every day is the way to go. The days you do decide to have it down you feel like you’ve had a glam squad come in to make you up for a red carpet event. Keeping your hair down is a big deal when you’re a mum.

People ask you annoying questions

“Aren’t you bored staying at home all day?” or “What is it you actually do all day?” To be honest, I was probably guilty of thinking of some of these annoying questions that people ask. I did used to snigger at Facebook when mums would say “Full Time Mummy” on their profile. I get it now though, you can’t explain to someone how much of a full time job it really is unless you have experienced it yourself!

You Know You’re A Stay At Home Mum When…

You have no idea what day of the week it is

Every day is rolled into one, the only way I know what day of the week it is is by what toddler group i’m meant to be at today and don’t get me started on how little ‘Friday’ means to me now. Friday used to mean the end of the working week, drinks, nights out and new clothes now Friday means toddler groups have ended until Monday and now I have to figure out another way to entertain my crazy 18 month old daughter, Ahhh!

I’ve only just scratched the surface on whats its like to be a stay at home mum and I wouldn’t change it for the world even though it can be tough at times! I’d love to know your ‘cliched stay at home mumisms’ so please let me know in the comments!

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