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10 Tips For Enjoying A Night Out When You Barely Have Any Money

10 Tips For Enjoying A Night Out When You Barely Have Any Money
10 Tips For Enjoying A Night Out When You Barely Have Any Money

On the rare occasions I do have a night out (and my god do I need them sometimes) I’m often sticking to a budget because quite frankly nappies and milk are more important these days than a double vodka and coke sadly. This doesn’t mean that’s its not possible to go out and enjoy yourself still (though a hangover with a toddler can be horrendous) and it’s also a great way to catch up with your friends and LET LOOSE. Being an adult can be bloody hard at times, we all have responsibilities and sometimes we just want to have fun and do something for ourselves for a change. I have made a top 10 guide to having a night out on a budget which I hope you will enjoy and will allow you to party like you used to, when most of your money was disposable! Enjoy! (and please have one for me when you do next go out)

1 – Eyelashes – Buying eyelashes on the high street can be expensive, If you give yourself a week before your night out to buy some online and have them delivered, you could save a lot of money. I used to buy my eyelashes from my local chemist and would pay £6. Now I buy mine off Ebay where I get 5 pairs for £2.99 and the quality is just as good. It’s worth shopping around especially if you go out regularly, the lashes I buy now cost me 60p each instead of £6 which is a saving of £5.40 for every night out I go on!

2 – Makeup – You don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy good quality makeup that will look just as good as If you were to go somewhere more expensive. MAC has some amazing make-up and I do own some lipsticks and lipliners from there but I also buy my eyeliner and concealer in Poundland. It’s worth testing out some of the cheaper options, especially for things like eyeliner, mascara, concealer, nail varnish etc. You may be surprised at how good the quality is off some of them and how you can look just as good with the cheaper option on.

3 – Outfit – Before heading to Topshop to buy your outfit for the weekend, type in “Topshop Dress” into Ebay and see if you can find something you like there. Loads of girls will wear something once and then not bother with it again so will be looking to sell it on. You could potentially buy a dress that’s been worn once for a fraction of the price and it will look as good as new. If you are looking for a good high street label or maybe even designer then you could also look in charity shops and at boot fairs. Alternatively, Primark do some gorgeous outfits that will cost you a fraction of the price if you are willing to shop there for a night out. You can also buy ever accessory under the sun there as well!

4 – Fake Tan – I have tried out a lot of fake tans in my time and the one which I always come back to is St Moriz. I buy the mouse in a medium shade and I find it the easiest to apply and the least smelly. They have also won awards for being the best self tanning brand, the colour is also perfect and you don’t have to wait too long to wash it off, leaving you with a natural looking tan. It’s also cheap! You can buy it for around £4.99 in most supermarkets and chemists and it will last you a while. I definitely recommend trying it out if you haven’t already!

5 – Transport – Work out how you can travel that will be the best financially for you and your group. Can someone drive in and someone else take them to their car tomorrow? Can you get the bus? Can you get a lift from someone? Or a train? Also remember that taxis are cheaper before midnight so if you can come back before 12 then you can save money that way. It may only be a few quid you save but that’s a drink!

6 – Spending Money – This is obviously a lot easier said than done as when you are out having a good time and have had a few, you can think you’re a millionaire. Before you go out, work out how much you need for travel, entry to places and drinks. Have that amount of cash on you but take your card just for emergencies. It it helps, put your card in a different compartment in your bag or give it to someone else to look after for you so that you are less tempted to use it. Try and think of using your card as your last resort if you are stranded somewhere and can’t get home, you will be so grateful in the morning if you just spend what you intended to.

7 – Vouchers – If you are incorporating eating out into your night then always check websites like Wowcher, Living Social, Groupon and take your Tastecard if you have one. You can get some amazing deals online which can cut costs massively on your meal so it’s always worth having a look around.

8 – Get a Quote – Back to travel again, sorry! Taxis are expensive but you do have the option to book in advance if you know the time that you need to travel. Booking in advance can save you loads of money and will give you a fixed amount that you can divide between your group. You can also pay in advance so you know your travel is sorted for the evening and you know exactly how much it will cost!

9 – Book Online – You can book online for certain clubs and events, this is always worth checking out because paying on the door is often more expensive. Getting tickets to places in advance also takes the stress out of worrying whether they will have sold out by the time you get there or having to pay more than you have to. Plan your night out and know where you are going in advance to save the pounds and the hassle.

10 – Line your Stomach – If it is just drinks you are consuming on your night out, always line your stomach with a decent meal beforehand. This will save you crashing and burning before you’ve even made it out the door and might save you buying a greasy kebab at the end of the night! You could also save yourself some leftovers for when you get home to stop you heading to Mcdonalds at 3am to consume a regrettable Big Mac. Most of us are starving after drinking too much and a leftover plate of pasta bake is welcomed when we get through the door.

So please all go out now and enjoy yourself, you can stick to a budget and have fun at the same time, I have proven that! You deserve it at the end of the day, life can be hard and as my favourite saying goes “happy mum, happy baby” 🙂 .

I would also love to hear how you stick to a budget and enjoy yourself as much as the next person so PLEASE let me know in the comments below. Cheers!

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