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10 Items We All Own That Could Make Us Money Today

10 Items We All Own That Could Make Us Money Today
10 Items We All Own That Could Make Us Money Today

We all have items in our house that we no longer need, or never needed in fact that we could get rid of today and not give a second thought to. It’s always nice to make a bit money, especially as it gets closer to Christmas, not only that, but by getting rid of the items around our house, we are also decluttering at the same time, win win! The 10 items that I have listed below have been tested and proven by myself to be “sellable”. If you have any of these items and you no longer have a use for them; clean them up, take some good photos and get selling! I challenge you to find 10 items in your house that you can sell, GO GO GO!


The best place to look first is your wardrobe, you’re bound to have clothes that you haven’t worn for months and some that you aren’t likely to wear again, so why not sell them! Some clothes may even still have their tags on which is even more of a bonus, from high street to designer, you can probably sell it if it’s in good condition. Wash it, iron it and present it so you can get a decent photo and advertise it on eBay. What have you got to lose!?


Toys can be expensive when bought brand new therefore you’ll always get people looking elsewhere to see if they can get them cheaper. Kids go off toys so quickly so if you do have children then you’re bound to have a heap of toys that aren’t even being looked at and could please another child elsewhere. Sell your old toys on facebook groups, eBay, the Friday ad (good idea if you have bikes and larger items to sell), gumtree or wherever you choose to sell them! Just give them a clean up and get them online.

Unwanted gifts

We all receive those gifts that we didn’t really want or we have no use for. The best thing to do (obviously without the gifter knowing ha) is to either re-gift (give as a present to someone else) or sell it online. Whatever it is, if it still got its tags on then it’s likely to sell! Smaller items are probably better on eBay whereas larger items are easier to sell on Facebook groups, friday-ad, gumtree etc.

Storage solutions

Everyone is looking for storage solutions these days, we all have so much stuff and a need to put it all somewhere! Trunks, boxes, shelving and baskets are likely to sell really well on Facebook groups. Not to be too cliche but a lot of parents use Facebook, parents whose kids have stacks of toys and not enough places to put them, whenever i’ve put a toy basket on Facebook, I always get a heap of responses!

Anything baby related

A lot of people like to buy second hand for a baby because they grow and change so quickly, so whatever it is they are using one week, may not be suitable the next. You see a lot of baby bits advertised online already so you have to make yours stand out with good photos and a good description. If you’ve got items that still have tags on then even better!

Kids shoes

Im experiencing now how bloody expensive kids shoes are, £36 for a pair of shoes that my daughter is only going to wear for 2 months is insane! A lot of families can’t afford this kind of money so they head to eBay and other selling platforms to see if they can buy them any cheaper. If you do happen to have Clarks or Startrite shoes that are still in a good condition, then you’re in a good position to sell them! Clean them up and take decent photos, even better if you still have the box which you can take a picture of and make them seem like they are ‘brand new’ even when they are not. Obviously don’t lie about their condition but if they are in excellent condition, photographing them in their box just gives them an extra touch.


I find that furniture sells really well on Facebook groups. If you’ve got a chair you don’t need or an unused wardrobe, get it online and sell it! You can get reasonably good money on Facebook and someone will come to your house to take it away, bonus! (unless you offer delivery of course) so if you have a bookshelf that you haven’t got round to taking to the tip yet, advertise it on Facebook and have someone buy it and take it away for you!

Brand new items

If you’ve got items in your house that still have tags on or are still in their box and you have no intention of using, why not sell them online? Whatever it is, if its ‘brand new’ then you’re likely to sell it. Depending on the size of it, choose your selling platform based on whether you can deliver it or whether the buyer collects. Smaller items are better sold on Ebay and larger items are easier to sell on Facebook, Friday ad and Gumtree where someone local can buy and collect.

Phones and electronics

Even if you have a broken iphone, you can still sell it for parts. If you’ve got a drawer of old phones or consoles then get them online! Check whether they do work first obviously but either way, you can probably still sell a part of it. Get hunting!

Makeup and perfume

I was a bit naughty recently and had an unopened bottle of perfume that I’d received for christmas, so what did I do? I sold it on eBay of course! If you’ve got unopened makeup (especially decent brands like MAC and Nars) and you have no intention of using them, why not sell them online and make some money? Makeup is good to sell online because it’s often small therefore it’s easy and cheap to send.

Now that my list has come to an end, I hope i’ve inspired some of you to start selling online today. I challenge you to find 10 items in your house that you can get online and sell, so get hunting!

I’d love to know the items that you find sell best online, from perfectly normal to insanely quirky, let me know in the comments!

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