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10 Activities For Young Kids That You Need To Do This Autumn

10 Activities For Young Kids That You Need To Do This Autumn
10 Activities For Young Kids That You Need To Do This Autumn

Summer is slowly becoming a distant memory, long gone are the warm evenings and day trips to the beach. Putting on shorts and a t-shirt every morning without even checking the weather and going without makeup because you would have sweated it all off by lunchtime anyway. You may be panicking that soft play is your only answer from now on in therefore I have created a list of 10 activities to enjoy this time of year and not one includes sitting in a smelly warehouse on an industrial estate (soft plays near me always seem to be there?!) Enjoy!

Conker Collecting

This is great fun for kids and it’s free! It gets them learning about nature and learning about what the different seasons bring. We only decided to conker collect when we were out at the park and had to improvise with a nappy sack to hold the massive amount my daughter wanted to take home with her. Obviously, younger children will need to be supervised with this activity as they are the perfect size to pop in the mouth but you knew that already. You can turn the collection into a craft making activity by sticking them to card and creating a picture or maybe something educational where you could count them and put different amounts into pots (we did both!).

Walks in the Woods

I know you can do this all year round but there is something lovely about walking in the woods in the autumn when all the pretty colours are out, the oranges, reds and yellows. The air is crisp and the leaves are falling making a crunching sound when you walk over them. I think it’s such a great time to venture out this time of year when everything is so beautiful plus it’s free and great exercise!

Boy throwing leaves

Nature Crafts

Just walking through the park or the woods, you can pick up loads of stuff that you can make into crafts. Leaves, sticks, acorns, conkers amongst many more that you can stick to card and make a lovely autumnal picture out of. We recently went to a toddler group where they had collected bits from outside and they had these bits of card where you tear off strips to leave a sticky line where you can place your nature bits onto. This was also great because it didn’t involve glue (so no mess!) and the sticky strips were really strong and even held the conkers in place. A lovely cheap activity to do on an autumnal day.


This is another all year round activity but again it’s lovely to get out this time of year to appreciate the changing of season. It’s still warm enough to venture to the park and it’s nice to get fresh air and some exercise in. Make the most of these days until the really wet weather and freezing temperatures set in!

Conker collecting

Vegetable Stamping

My 18 month old attempted this the other day and made the table look like the scene of a murder, so it might suited slightly older children depending on their personality (mine is 100 miles a minute so probably not the best activity for her) You can use potato, apples, pears whatever you have that you don’t mind getting rid off. Just slice your vegetable and fruit up, paint onto the slice and them stamp onto some card or paper making pretty patterns. You could use autumnal colours, rich orange, reds, yellow and browns to create an autumnal scene to stick on your fridge.

Pumpkin Decorating

I’ve been seeing these ‘no carve’ pumpkins lately which I think is a fantastic idea for younger kids and me to be honest as I’m scared i’d chop my finger off in the process. I’ve seen some fantastic ones on Pinterest using spray paint, diamontes and chalk paint that i’m really excited to try! My daughter also did this at toddler group and loved painting a pumpkin with some acrylic paint. Its easy, its fun, its cheap and its seasonal so give it a go! You could even make a day out of it and visit a pumpkin patch to buy your pumpkin or otherwise just your local supermarket.

Baby and a pumpkin


Most kids like baking and now its cooler (I couldn’t even turn my oven on in the heatwave we had) its fun to make some seasonal cakes and biscuits for everyone to enjoy. Grab some ideas of Pinterest for fun things to make this time of year. I’m thinking gingerbread men and mince pies (I know i’m early but I bloody love a mince pie)

Hot Choc and Christmas Films

I love that the Christmas channel is back on TV! I usually watch it to death though until the end of November so that by the time December is here, I’m over it. Will try not to make the same mistake this year. On a rainy day when you have nowhere to go and not much money in the bank, snuggle up on the sofa together, watch a Christmas film and drink some hot chocolate to keep you warm. It’s so comforting and really gets your in the spirit for Christmas.

Gift Making

Grandparents love receiving artwork made by their grandchildren so why not all sit down together and make something special for Christmas. Depending on age you could make handprints, photo collages, best grandparent certificates, medals etc just take a look on pinterest and you will find a ton of ideas.

Blackberry Picking

You will find more blackberrys in August and September time but I only saw some yesterday so they are still about! Me and my daughter did this last month (she was eating them faster than I could get them into the pot though) and I made a blackberry crumble out of them. Such a simple activity and also very satisfying when you can make a pie or crumble out of them. Enjoy!

That list has really got me appreciating this time of year and everything that it brings. I do love summer but there is something about Autumn that I have a soft spot for. Autumn sounds like a good name for a girl actually doesn’t it? hmmm…(going on the list of baby names)

I would love to know what activities you and your little ones are getting up to this time of year, please let me know in the comments below!

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